Two-Davids-SlideThe Park is proud to have held the David Bellamy GOLD Award for almost 20 years. In 2000 David Bellamy visited the Park and met some of our residents. He was also greatly impressed by the range of wildlife and plants that he found here. We hope to continue our environmentally friendly approach that he has stimulated by his visit.

Where we can we plant bee friendly plants and encourage our Customers to do the same.


Here are some of the comments made by David Bellamy himself

“You can give yourselves a real pat on the back for everything you have done to help Britain’s wildlife and countryside.Considering how much you have achieved, it is difficult to pick out the highlight of your work but I am particularly pleased to hear that your Park has such a natural feel.”

David Bellamy

“Wildlife wonderlands, and the chance of an amazing holiday experience : these are my paradise parks!”